Weather matters: Learn how to use weather data to optimize your business and increase your revenue. In our METEONOMIQS BLOG you will find informative articles and valuable insights around data-driven marketing, AI, revenue planning, supply chain optimization and much more. In addition, we keep you up to date with exciting news.

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Weather data in the Snowflake Data Cloud

In the Snowflake Marketplace, companies can integrate weather data from METEONOMIQS into the Snowflake Data Cloud and perform analyses independently.
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Case Study: Weather for t-online is the new exclusive weather supplier for the online service t-online.
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Case Study: Optimising the CTR prediction model with weather

Zemanta's CTR prediction model achieved a sales uplift using our weather data and product-weather-indices.
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Successful situation-based targeting achieved with weather data

As part of a display campaign for Schiesser beachwear, we tested the effectiveness of situation-based targeting. The result: a 70% higher CTR.

Less ice cream, more chocolate

Here's how the weather affected product sales in 2021: Which products saw an increase and which a decrease in consumer spending?
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Weather Tag: How to integrate weather data into Google Analytics

We show you how to use the Weather Tag to enrich your Google Analytics setup with weather data and quantify weather effects.