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Weather-driven supply-chain efficiency

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METEONOMIQS and TESISQUARE® : Collaborate for weather-driven supply-chain efficiency

Supply chain management expert TESISQUARE® and weather forecasting specialist WETTER.com GmbH are combining their core competencies to provide companies supplying the German-speaking market with important new supply chain efficiency capabilities. The new weather-driven demand planning within TESISQUARE® software suite was decided officially in late November.

The collaboration between wetter.com and TESISQUARE® offers B2X supply chain digital solutions with weather data, expertise and forecasting algorithms. By enhancing the forecasting outputs, using a weather-driven demand prediction, @TESISQUARE® ´s customers will avoid weather-related disruption of their logistics and delivery networks, improving the reliability of supply and avoiding the cost of unplanned interruptions. Ultimately, satisfaction of all parties down the supply chain improves, right through to the end customer, enhancing brand reputation and enhancing business growth.

Mr. Stefan Bornemann, COO @wetter.com comments: “Weather is a critical demand driver. Including the weather factor into the automated supply chain process adds substantial business value. With this partnership with TESISQUARE® we can make weather-driven forecasting easier available to more clients and industries. The weather forecasting solution is based on machine learning predictions and is part of our B2B data solutions offering branded METEONOMIQS. TESISQUARE® existing portfolio of international companies is impressive. Most of the industries included in it have a high weather effect. We believe in strong synergies between our products – not only in Germany, but across Europe.”

Mr. Gianmario Mollea, Marketing and Sales Manager | Digital, Collaboration and Optimization Line of Business @TESISQUARE® adds: “With wetter.com GmbH we have gained another best-in-class collaboration partner. We were impressed by the strategic vision and planning of the Munich-based company, which matches our own outlook as we expand further into the German-speaking market. In the current challenging markets – for both consumer and B2B business – smart methods of improving supply chain reliability and cost management are welcome. Especially in these days of pandemic, more and more of our customers are realizing how important process digitalization is for crisis-proof business continuity and efficiency savings. In recent months it has become abundantly clear that more digitised businesses have been better able to cope with the challenges of the Corona crisis.”


TESISQUARE® is a technology partner enabling design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems. It streamlines the interactions across multiple touchpoints and players in the extended value chain – manufactures, suppliers, consumers, and all stakeholders – providing platforms to manage multi-enterprise supply chain business networks. Founded in 1995 in Bra (Italy), the company operates both nationally and internationally in the Netherlands, France, Spain, and Germany, with partnership in the USA and Russia. As a result of global growth, TESISQUARE®’s customer base reached 44 countries worldwide in 2019, proudly keeping at 99,6% customer retention rate.
Constantly committed to deploying innovative platforms and solutions, it invests nearly 9,5% of revenue in R&D, increasing turnover up to 36% in the last two years.

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