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Situational targeting with weather data

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Cooperation between Cynapsis Media and METEONOMIQS enables programmatic advertising without cookies


We now also offer our weather data-based targeting segments with Cynapsis Media GmbH. Our promise: Cookie-free targeting while increasing campaign ROI by up to 80 percent.

Optimized targeting with product-weather indices

The marketing industry is facing major challenges. Increased data protection standards and customers’ growing sensitivity to data and cookies make personalization and (re)targeting increasingly difficult. The alternative: situational targeting. The combination of location, time, weather and product provides decisive signals as to how customers react to advertising and whether a purchase is made.

Based on weather data and data from the GfK Consumer Panel, wetter.com has developed product weather indices under the METEONOMIQS brand that predict demand for individual product groups at local level. From beverages to food to personal care, targeting segments are available for more than 100 product categories in Cynapsis Media’s situational data management platform (DMP). As a result, Cynapsis Media’s situational DMP already includes more than 1,000 situational targeting opportunities, from sports scores to stock quotes to flight and train data.

Situational targeting – the alternative for a world without cookies

“In our experience, situational targeting has been completely underestimated to date. This is because it offers communication targeted to the actual customer situation, which increases the relevance and performance of a campaign. Moreover, targeting on ‘current environmental factors’ also works in the future world without 3rd party cookie user data,” said Dr. Stefan Bornemann, COO of wetter.com and Head of METEONOMIQS. “Weather and location play an important role as signaling factors for consumer decisions and product choices. With our product weather indices, we offer regional and daily updated targeting on a high sales index standardized for many product categories. Via automatic, location-time optimization, advertising is always played exactly when it is relevant in terms of location, time and weather.”

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer these valuable new data features in our situational DMP. We are thus offering advertising customers two new options for precisely tailored targeting at the same time: in the case of product-based ads, we can now dynamically populate the advertising media depending on the weather situation. In the bidding process, our data points make it possible to play out advertising media in exactly the right way. Examples include clothing advertising that matches the weather, advertising for cold remedies in regions with dirty weather, or digital out-of-home advertising at the airport, tailored to the destinations currently being served and the prevailing weather there,” explains Lars Hilsebein, Managing Director of Cynapsis Media GmbH.


About Cynapsis Media GmbH

Cynapsis Media GmbH, based in Münster, Germany, offers advertisers, publishers and media agencies programmatic advertising without cookies. The self-developed situational data management platform (DMP) enables targeting not via personal data of the user but via data on the situation in which the advertisement is seen. In addition, Cynapsis Media also offers individual retailer campaigns in which several thousand products are advertised automatically and, if required, in combination with the DMP.


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