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Less ice cream, more chocolate

Here's how the weather affected product sales in 2021: Which products saw an increase and which a decrease in consumer spending?
How to & Best Practices 10 mins to read

Weather Tag: How to integrate weather data into Google Analytics

We show you how to use the Weather Tag to enrich your Google Analytics setup with weather data and quantify weather effects.

How e-commerce can benefit from weather

From analytics to targeting: learn about the optimization potential our weather solutions offer for e-commerce.
News & Events 2 mins to read

METEONOMIQS wins German Brand Award 2021

For our Data Solutions Brand METEONOMIQS powered by we have been awarded at the German Brand Award 2021.
How to & Best Practices 5 mins to read

5 important aspects to consider when choosing a weather API

As the Dark Sky API comes to an end: 5 important criteria to consider when choosing a suitable weather API.

Why advertisers should necessarily rely on weather data

We'll take a closer look at why it's worthwhile to consider weather in your advertising activities and why weather targeting is more important than ever - considering the recent demise of 3rd party cookies.